Ready to Buy or Sell at Auction?

Property Auctions can at the best of times be daunting to the most seasoned of investors. Our team of experienced Auction specialists can assist with either preparing your Property for sale at Auction or investigating and advising on potential Auction properties to be purchased at upcoming Auctions.

Selling at Auction?

Venture Commercial partner with some of the most prominent Residential and Commercial Auction houses in the UK and are able to guide you through the Auction process from start to finish. We are also able to pre-package searches and property documentation for submission into the Auction and will be able to arrange your Property for sale at Auction as part of the service. Please contact us now to find out further information.


Auction Legal Pack Review

For the most serious of investors our highly sought-after consultants also specialise in the preparation of Pre-Purchase Auction Reviews for Auction legal packs ensuring that a thorough review of the property documentation is undertaken before the Auction has taken place.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware) could not be any more relevant than to Auction properties and therefore our consultants ensure that you are prepared as much as possible before bidding and buying at Auction.